Real Estate Investment

Ibdar’s real estate team have been extensively involved in allocating unique investment opportunities within the international real estate market, with a special focus on the UK, USA and MENA region in order to provide our investors with safer, better and more profitable opportunities.

In 2016, Ibdar identified and invested in prime global real estate including a USD78 million Multi Family Housing property in Montgomery County Maryland, USA a USD 29.5 million Joint Venture (JV) to develop a prime Purpose-built Student Accommodation (PBSA) project in Southampton, UK, and the development of a GBP 148 million PRS scheme that will offer 458 residential apartments in Manchester, UK.

Ibdar's team of real estate investment experts bring a wealth of diversified regional and international experience to Ibdar, supporting the business as it strives towards it’s vision of becoming the largest team of trusted,goal orientated real estate investment mangers. The team only undertakes investments alongside technical partners with a solid and proven track record, and capitalizes on the experience of trusted asset managers to ensure the best on ground co-management. Ibdar real estate team continually analyse real estate markettrends to ensure investments are undertaken in the right asset class and at the right time of the cycle.

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